Finding a Registered OMVIC Dealer and Salesperson

//Finding a Registered OMVIC Dealer and Salesperson

Finding a Registered OMVIC Dealer and Salesperson

All the dealers and salespeople of motor vehicles in Ontario must be licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) and have to adhere to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA). They are also required to follow the Code of Ethics. These rules and regulations are established to control and manage the industry and ensure that there are no malpractices involved in the dealings.

Why Should You Search for OMVIC Dealers & Salespeople?

While buying a vehicle, finding OMVIC registered dealers and sales staff will give you the advantage of greater consumer protection in the form of the following rights:

  • Inclusive Pricing
    The MVDA requires a dealer or salesperson to include all charges that they intend to collect such as government levies, freight, inspection charges, and any other applicable fees. You also have the benefit of redressal by reporting to the OMVIC if your dealer tries to charge more than the advertised price.
  • Complete Disclosure about the Vehicle
    This includes the history and condition of the vehicle you intend to buy. It comprises details such as the make and model, information about warranty, whether it requires any repairs, and more.
  • Access to the Compensation Fund
    You will have the benefit of financial protection because of the access to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund if anything goes wrong with the agreement to purchase or lease a vehicle. To access the benefit of up to $45,000 you must submit a claim within two years.
  • Cancellation Rights
    Regulation 50 of the Act allows you to cancel an agreement within 90 days if the dealer fails to disclose any of the following:

    • Whether or not the vehicle was previously used as a limo, taxi, police or emergency vehicle, or daily rental.
    • The make, year, and model of the vehicle.
    • The actual distance the vehicle has previously travelled.
    • If it was branded as irreparable, rebuilt, or salvage, and how it was classified earlier.

Things to Consider While Searching for OMVIC Salespeople or Dealers

Searching for OMVIC Salespeople or DealersYou must keep the following in mind while looking for a registered person:

  • Avoid Curbsiders
    Although there are laws to protect the consumers, you must be careful of the imposters. You should put in the effort to research the history of the vehicle to make sure it is what you want to buy and to verify its present condition. You must also be cautious of the ‘too good to be true’ prices so that you can avoid buying a poor quality or disputed vehicle.
  • Ensure that Your Dealer is Registered
    Always know who you are buying from and whether they are registered with the OMVIC. Take a look at the copy of the certificate issued to your dealer or salesperson.
  • Use the OMVIC Search Tool
    The official website of the OMVIC has a search page for consumers as a public service. You can use it to view a detailed profile of the dealer or salesperson.

Hire a Qualified Lawyer for Right Assistance

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