Getting Your OMVIC Licence

//Getting Your OMVIC Licence

Getting Your OMVIC Licence

As per the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act or the MVDA, a vehicle salesperson or dealer in Ontario is required to obtain their OMVIC Registration and acquire an OMVIC Licence.

Applying for Your OMVIC License

There are two different application methods to go through depending on if you are applying for your  license, or if you are applying to license your dealership.

OMVIC Individual Application

To become a registered salesperson, you must adhere to the following:

Step 1 – Fill out the ‘Individual Application’ form and submit it along with the required fee. Complete sections A through F, which require details such as General Information, Preconditions, Employment or Other Activities, Eligibility Criteria, Consent, and Certificate information

Note: You need to pay a fee of $250 only if you are applying for reinstatement or registration as a salesperson. The same is not required if you are applying as a sole proprietor.

Step 2 – You must request a ‘BackCheck’ report by completing the ‘Criminal Record Check,’ the results of which will be sent to OMVIC directly within 24 hours.

Step 3 – Depending upon the details in your application form, you may be asked to complete the Automotive Certification Course.

Step 4 – You may complete the course either by correspondence or by an on-site course. Once you get yourself registered with the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC), they will send you the course information. You must mention your Student ID in your Application form which will enable the ABSC to send your details directly to the OMVIC.

Step 5 – You must retain a copy of your completed application along with all the attachments.

Note: Only applications with complete details through Section F, ‘Certificate of Dealer,’ will be accepted.

Step 6 – You must send the completed form with required attachments to OMVIC in person, by courier or mail.

Note: OMVIC will not accept any application by fax.

Step 7Check the registration status of your processed application which is typically shown for thirty days.

OMVIC Application for Dealers

OMVIC Application for Dealers
To become a registered dealer, you must comply with the following steps:

Step 1 – Fill the ‘Business Application’ form with the required details such as General Information, Preconditions, Business Premises, Eligibility criteria, Business Plan and Makeup, Consent, and Checklist.

Note: You must pay a fee of $500 for application processing. If you have opted for ‘Broker’ or ‘General Dealer’ category, you must pay an additional amount of $324 separately, payable to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund.

Step 2 – According to the instructions mentioned in this form, you may be asked to have some individuals submit an ‘Individual Application,’ in which case they must complete the process stated above. These applications should be submitted along with the business application.

Step 3 – You must complete the ‘Salesperson Change Notice’ section, as mentioned in the ‘Business Application,’ if you are transferring to a new dealership and are not in a position of authority.

Step 4 – Obtain all the required supporting documentation, retain a copy of the completed application, and send the original form to OMVIC in person, by courier, or mail.

Note: You must submit the supporting documentation for business premises only after you get the confirmation from OMVIC regarding the final stage of your application. OMVIC does not accept any application by fax.

Step 5 – Check the status of your application which is typically shown for thirty days.

Hire A Qualified Lawyer to Guide You with the OMVIC Registration Process

Dewshi Law strives to assist and provide legal services to OMVIC regulated salespersons and dealers at affordable rates.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining an OMVIC Licence, the registration process, or any related issues, please get in touch with us at 905-482-2832.

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