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Extended warranties present opportunities, pitfalls for dealers

Car dealerships must take care when offering extended warranties to customers, Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer Anar Dewshi tells … Read the article   

Do OMVIC suspensions of car dealerships go too far?

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) issues immediate suspensions of car dealerships when it determines their actions are putting the car-buying public at risk, but … Read the article   

Bylaw review ensures fairness for taxis, PTCs

It’s vital that the City of Toronto completes a promised review of its bylaws to certify a level playing field for taxis and private transportation companies … Read the article   

Dealers must investigate liens on trade-in vehicles

Auto dealers selling trade-in vehicles are required to disclose a long list of items — from the odometer reading and the condition of the vehicle to how it was used and … Read the article   

Meticulous record-keeping prudent for auto dealers

Automobile dealerships need to ensure they are extra diligent when it comes to creating and maintaining their paperwork, Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer Anar … Read the article   

Mortgage stress test: the new rules of engagement

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI), which regulates banks and mortgage insurance companies, released further mortgage rules which will come into … Read the article   

Due diligence vital for dealerships selling used vehicles

Car dealerships are responsible to ensure that every car they sell has a clear title and no outstanding loans against it, Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer Anar Dewshi … Read the article   

Non-disclosure puts auto dealers at risk

Car dealerships are responsible to ensure that every car they sell has a clear title and no outstanding loans against it, Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer  Anar Dewshi… Read the article   

Car dealers, salespeople must comply with strict regulations

The Ontario car sales industry is heavily regulated and subject to oversight by its regulatory body, which conducts periodic inspections to ensure consumers are protected, says … Read the article   

Joint tenancy: condo boards and Bill C-45

With recreational marijuana slated to become legal next spring, condominium corporations should start thinking about what steps they’ll need to take to ensure harmony among … Read the article   

Double-ended housing deals highlight need for reform

A recent CBC investigation that showed some real estate agents “double-ending” deals in an effort to   boost their commissions points to the need for … Read the article   

Starting solo firm expensive, gratifying for young lawyers

As a young sole practitioner with overheads to consider, Toronto real estate lawyer Anar Dewshi tells Lawyers Weekly that she has chosen to focus on growing her … Read the article   

Lawyers must consider FLA when drafting wills

Toronto wills and estates lawyer Anar Dewshi says it’s imperative lawyers not overlook the Family Law Act (FLA) when drafting wills, particularly when the testator’s estate includes a matrimonial home. Read the article   

Selecting an appropriate estate trustee requires careful consideration

Choosing an estate trustee to carry out the wishes and instructions in your will can be a daunting task so it’s key to understand the duties and responsibilities of this very important role, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Anar Dewshi. Read the article   

Clearly defined standards needed for home inspectors

Toronto real estate lawyer Anar Dewshi says the provincial government’s plan to introduce regulations for home inspections is much needed as there are currently no clearly defined standards. Read the article   

Private mortgage means added reporting obligation for lawyers

A new mortgage ‘stress test’ introduced last fall may ultimately lead some first-time homebuyers and those with an increased household debt load to turn to private, unregulated lenders — which triggers an increased reporting requirement for lawyers involved in these transactions… Read the article   

New mortgage rule will have implications for Toronto consumers

A new mortgage rule around down payments, which went into effect Feb. 11, 2016, will have some implications for potential home buyers… Read the article   

Dealers must do due diligence, disclose recall information

In light of massive recalls related to defective Takata airbags and Volkswagen diesel software, dealers need to be aware that they are required to disclose a vehicle’s past-use, history or condition to a purchaser or lessee… Read the article   

‘Curbsiders’ face stiff penalties, jail time

Recent investigations and prosecutions around “curbsiders” — illegal, unlicensed auto dealers — highlights the importance of becoming a registered car dealer through the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)… Read the article   

LAT reliant on factors outside its purview in revoking dealer’s license

A Divisional Court ruling, which set aside a decision by the Licensing Appeal Tribunal (LAT) to revoke a car dealer’s license, highlights that the tribunal can only assess integrity and honesty of a dealer with the evidence before it… Read the article   

Auto dealers should be aware of MVDA advertising rules

A recent media campaign promoting all-in price advertising is just one of the key protections consumers receive when buying a car from an Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) registered dealer… Read the article   

Onus on dealers to ensure advertising is clear, truthful

Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer Anar Dewshi says car dealers should be careful about who they hire to create marketing campaigns as the onus is on dealers to make sure that their advertising is legal, ethical, and truthful. Read the article   

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